This course has been developed to introduce new support coordinators, parents, advocates and individuals who receive services to support planning and the support coordination process. The course will introduce the student to underlying philosophies, program concepts, roles, service deliver practices and services. While all of the principles presented in the learning modules are applicable to any support coordinator, unless otherwise stated the content will emphasize services under the Developmental Disabilities, Home and Community Based Waiver program.

This Course and E-Learning

e-learning provides you with the ability to participate in a curriculum of study, away from the classroom, via the Internet. We've worked to make this course more than an electronic textbook by providing interactivity, exercises, activities and course related links. 

One of the most innovative features of this course is the audio and video interviews used to amplify the content. Throughout the course you will have the opportunity view and/or hear interviews with people who receive services speak about the topic you are studying.

In this course, you learn by actively participating. The learning is self-directed which means you alone are responsible for your success -- having the discipline and drive to see the course through.

In the course you will get opportunities to practice what you learn. There are exercises, some being "test-like," providing you with immediate feedback from automatically scored activities and practices. No one will see the results of your activities or exercises but you.

Throughout the course you will see links to Resources. These provide additional information on topics covered in that section. You may want to print these resources for future reference. (However, the Catalog of Supports and Services is rather long and is available on line.) In several instances you are required to review the resources as part of an exercise.

Welcome and Good Luck.