Hanoi (photo essay)

Sunland: Not A Ghost Story

Savannah, Cancer and Politics

Film is Dead

Stand Your Ground: Florida Law and

Deadly Force

Haiti, Revisited

Depression: My Friend Bob

You Can't Rebuild 48 Years

The 60s

Amy's Blanket

Churches of Maine (photo essay)


Innocence: Building Houses

Arts Defunding: It Won't Happen

The Canal

China (photo essay)

A Confession: Country Music

Debt: We're Leaving Behind

Haiti, 1980

Cancer: A Primer for Women and Partners


Homeless - Give Them Shelter

Tobacco Barns (photo essay)

The Capitol (photo essay)

Writing Samples Essays, Reportage, Political Analysis, Opinion, Photo-Essays (All photographs by the author unless otherwise attributed.) (Some examples are in manuscript form, formated for readability. Published clips are available.)