Welcome to the Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare's

Learning Systems On-Line. 

TMH Learning Systems On-Line provides employees with an easy and convenient way to complete a range of programs and annual education requirements. On the following pages, you can select a program or test you wish to take, complete post-tests required for a program, evaluate the program and print the program handouts.

We've made your on-line learning experience simple:

  1. Audio and Video - First, these programs use video and audio. This means that you will need a headphone if your computer does not have speakers. You can get headphones from Learning Systems by calling 5405. Remember, the headphones plug into the back of your computer. If you have any problems playing the audio or video contact the Help Desk at 5272.

  2. Duration Program durations and continuing education credits, if available, are displayed below the program title.  For some courses, you may stop and continue at another time. For others, you need to complete the full program in a single visit.  For these courses, while you can pause a program at any time, please be sure you have enough time to complete the program once you begin.  If you stop the video -- rather than pause -- the program will need to be restarted from the beginning.

  3. Exercises - Some programs have exercises. If the instructor mentions an exercise, and it is a requirement for completing the program , the exercise will be available at the end of the presentation.

  4. Post Test - Once you finish viewing the presentation and complete any exercises, you will take a required post-test. You must make a score of 80 or better on the test. If not you will need to repeat the test.

  5. Handouts - After the post-test you will complete a program evaluation. Then you will be able to access and print program handouts.

  6. Credit - Please remember, you must print your test results and evaluation form and mail, fax or deliver both to the Learning Systems office in order to get credit for the program. FAX Number: 6599.

  7. Annual Requirements - If you are taking an annual education requirement test, you do not need headphones or speakers. However, you do need to mail, fax or deliver the test results  to TMH Learning Systems. 

 To begin a program click Courses, to take a program post test or an annual education requirement test, click Test, to access program handouts, click Handouts.