The Navy Professional Reading Program was developed to encourage a life-long habit of reading and learning among all Sailors. The books included in these collections can provide readers with a deeper understanding and appreciation for naval heritage, the profession of arms, and the complex modern world in which we operate.

The recommended readings included in these collections have been categorized by experience level as well as the nature of the subject matter.

Click one of the books to the right to access a particular collection. And, don't forget to take a look at the supplemental reading lists accessible from the top menu bar.

In the future audio excerpts, news and information on topics of interest will be included in this site.


Navy Professional Reading Program Guide Available At This Site!  - 13 October 2006 - Happy 231st Birthday Navy

The Navy Professional Reading Program Guide, a high quality printed guide was distributed Navy wide, co-packaged with the October issue of All Hands magazine.  Look for a copy at your command.  You can download and print this informative guide, providing you a handy reference and more detail on the books described on this site, by clicking here: NAVY PROFESSIONAL READING PROGRAM GUIDE 

Important Note About the Distribution of Book Sets - 5 Oct 2006

 In the "first wave" of book distribution, complete sets of the NPRP books have been shipped directly to the following organizations: 

            - All commissioned ships (larger ships will get multiple copies of each book)
            - All aircraft squadrons
            - All Navy base libraries
            - All Navy Liberty Centers
            - All Navy Reserve Readiness Command Headquarters

Books should arrive by 15 October 2006. If your command falls into one of the above categories, and you do not receive your books by 15 October 2006 you should contact the Program Office at

Other major commands not listed above can request book sets by emailing a note with the name of the unit, the number of active duty personnel, and a complete mailing address and point of contact. 

Availability and Download of Audio Books - 5 Oct 2006

Audio downloads of six titles within the Navy Professional Reading Program are now available on the Navy General Library Downloadable Books & Music page of Navy Knowledge Online (NKO). The titles are:

      - Billy Budd
      - The
      Caine Mutiny
      Jeffersonís War; America's First War on Terror
      - Master and Commander
      - Tipping Point

When you visit the site through this avenue you can only browse titles.  To access the site's full features and download books you must log into NKO at  Instructions to navigate to and view all of the Navy General Library's superb E-content can be found here: "Having a Hard Time Locating Audio Books on NKO?"  

Note: Audio books can be "checked-out" and downloaded for a period of up to 28 days. They can be downloaded to MP3 players, but will not work with IPODs. Due to security restrictions associated with NMCI, these files cannot be downloaded onto an NMCI computer, nor can personally owned portable listening devices be connected to the NMCI equipment. Therefore, you can download the files, but you will have to do it from your home computer. A review of these restrictions is being made, and we will advise you when and if the situation changes. [5 Oct 2006] 

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PLEASE NOTE: The books and additional publications of interest in the Navy Professional Reading Program were selected by the Navy Professional Reading program Advisory Group based on criteria for the program. The selection of these books and publications should not be construed as an explicit or implicit endorsement by the U.S. Navy for these particular books and publications, or the authors' or publishers' views or interpretations. Authors and publishers may submit other books for consideration for inclusion on future program lists to Accelerate Your Mind, Naval War College, 686 Cushing Road, Newport, RI 02841-1207.














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