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Writing Biography

Writing Samples Essays, Reportage, Political Analysis, Opinion, Photo-Essays (All photographs by the author unless otherwise attributed.) (Some examples are in manuscript form, formated for readability. Published clips are available.)

Menagerie of the Inexperienced

Stolen Innocence

The Canal

China (photo essay)

Savannah, Cancer and Politics

Debt: We're Leaving Behind

Haiti, 1980


Homeless - Give Them Shelter

Tobacco Barns (photo essay)

The Capitol (photo essay)

J:\PPGWeb\Writing 2017\assets\china.pdf

Defunding the Arts Won't Happen

Hanoi (photo essay)

Sunland: Not A Ghost Story

A Confession: Country Music

Film is Dead

Stand Your Ground: Florida Law and

Deadly Force

Haiti, Revisited

Depression: My Friend Bob

You Can't Rebuild 48 Years

The 60s

Amy's Blanket

Churches of Maine (photo essay)

J:\PPGWeb\Writing 2017\assets\china.pdf

Trump: Not Nobel Material

Words Matter

1968: The Odes Are Over

I Need To Go To A Party

Building Houses

Love Build In Glass

Ballet, Bruce Lee and Baseball